Machine learning examples

Health & care

The power of machine learning for analyzing health data will empower physicians and speed-up decision making in the clinic. Here some worked examples in the health & care industry are provided.

Breast cancer diagnosis

Diagnose the presence of breast cancer
from digitized images of cell nuclei.

Parkinsons disease telemonitoring

Predict the Parkinson's disease
symptom score on the UPDRS scale.

Blood donation campaign

Create a model that can predict which
people are more likely to donate blood.

Urinary inflammation diagnosis

Diagnose the urinary bladder using
a dataset from a medical expert.

Leukemia microarray analysis

Diagnose the type of leukemia
using DNA coding.

Nanoparticle adhesive strength

Predict the vascular adhesion of nano
particles from their wall shear rate.

Activity recognition

Recognize human activities in real life
situations through activity recognition.