Neural Designer Tutorials

Data Set image

Data Set

A data set is of a collection of data structured in
rows and columns, and it contains the information
for creating the predictive

Neural Network image

Neural Network

A neural network is a biologically inspired
computational model which consists of a network
architecture composed of
artificial neurons.

Loss Index image

Training strategy

The procedure used to carry out the learning process
is called training strategy and is applied to the neural network
in order to obtain the minimum
loss index.

Model Selection image

Model selection

The selection of the model is applied to
find a neural network with a topology that
minimizes the error for new data.

Testing analysis image

Testing Analisys

Testing Analisys allows us to know how good
our model is, for this, the model is tested
with new data never seen before.

Model deployment image

Model deployment

The concept of deployment in predictive data
mining refers to the application of a model for
prediction to new data.

Tasks reference image

Tasks reference

Here all the Neural Designer tasks are listed.
The parameters and outcomes of each task
are also explained in detail.