Product tutorials

Business intelligence applications image

Business intelligence applications

Some of the solutions offered by predictive analytics to business intelligence are customer segmentation, risk assessment, churn prevention...

Health care applications image

Health care applications

Data mining is being widely used in the health field. Several solutions in this field are presented here such us medical diagnosis and microarray analysis.

Science and engineering applications image

Science and engineering applications

Here you can find some predictive analytics solutions which are being applied to science and engineering. Some of them are output prediction, predictive maintenance, fault detection, etc.

Introduction to neural networks image

Introduction to neural networks

This tutorial shows a brief introduction to the principal concepts of neural networks which is the most important technique for machine learning.

Getting started with Neural Designer image

Getting started with Neural Designer

This section explains the basic components of Neural Designer and provides some tips to begin using the software with a basic example.

Importing a data file image

Importing a data file

In this tutorial we give some guidelines in order to import a data file for being analyzed with Neural Designer.

Importing a database image

Importing a database

This extract gives some guidelines in order to import a database for being analyzed with Neural Designer.

Tasks reference image

Tasks reference

Here all the data set, neural network, performance measure and training strategy tasks are listed. The parameters and outcomes of each task are also explained in detail.