Neural Designer Academic Program

Many research centers are applying this tool to boost the state-of-the-art in fields such as engineering, physics or medicine. These include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Imperial College, NASA or CERN.

Also, hundreds of universities and universities worldwide are using Neural Designer to teach and learn machine learning.

The Neural Designer Academic Program offers researchers, students, teachers and whole universities a number of licensing options.

Research license

To use Neural Designer for non-commercial academic research.

Teaching license

To teach neural networks and machine learning to groups of students.

Students Price
1-10 Annual plan:
$ 995
11-20 Annual plan:
$ 1,495
21-30 Annual plan:
$ 1,950
31-40 Annual plan:
$ 2,350
41-50 Annual plan:
$ 2,495
+50 Ask for conditions

Campus license

Includes all students, faculty and researchers belonging to the university.

Please contact us to participate in the Neural Designer Academic Program.

Note that to be eligible, a proof of belonging to a university or research center is required.