Machine Learning Solutions

Explore some of the solutions where machine learning can achieve great improvements for your organization.


Activity recognition

Recognize the actions
that a person performs.

Churn prevention

Identify customers likely to leave, allowing
companies to take actions in advance.

Customer targeting

Identify who is interested
in your products and services.

Drug design

Predicts the behavior of a molecule
its physico-chemical characteristics.

Fault detection

Identify when a fault has occurred,
located it with precision.

Medical diagnosis

Analyze clinical data to diagnose,
diseases quickly and efficiently.

Medical prognosis

Predict the evolution of a patient and the
final result of the disease using machine learning.

Microarray analysis

Detect those genes which might be
related to a certain disease.

Performance optimization

Track the behavior of a system and
operate it at peak level.

Predictive maintenance

Predict when equipment failure might
occur, and prevent that.

Quality improvement

Improve product's quality using
predictive analytics.

Risk assessment

Evaluate risks by minimizing the impact of
unfortunate events, reducing significantly costs.

Sales forecasting

Predict the future results based on past data,
using machine learning techniques.