Start using Neural Designer in Amazon Web Services

This User's Guide aims to help you getting started in Neural Designer using Amazon Web Services. Keep in mind that you will need a properly configured AWS account.

Go to the Neural Designer page in AWS.

In this page you can see several aspects of the software such as an overview, information about the pricing or reviews about the tool.

In order to use the software, click on Continue to Subscribe to access to the subscription page. Here you will have to accept the terms and conditions.

You may be required to wait for a few minutes while your request is being processed. Once it is done, click on Continue to Configuration.

Here you have to select three options, Fulfillment Option, Software Version and Region.

For the first two options, leave the default values, 64-bit (x86) Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and 3.0.0 (Dec 19, 2018) respectively.

As for the region, select the one more appropiate for your location.

After indicating the proper values, click on Continue to Launch to carry on to the next step.

In this page, you can review the configuration that you just previously selected. In addition, you will be choosing the principal configuration features of the instance that will be launched to use Neural Designer.

The first one is Choose Action. Here we recommend to select the Launch from Website action. The tutorial follows assuming you have selected this action. The other actions available for this option should be selected in case you are already familiarized with the AWS environment.

The next one, EC2 Instance Type, is up to you to select. This option determines the technical features of the machine that Neural Designer will run from. Pay special attention to the price for each of the configurations available for both the software and AWS.

For the VPC Settings you should leave the default value.

For the Subnet Settings you should leave the default value.

In the Security Group Settings, it is recommended to click on the Create New Based On Seller Settings button, which will show a simple configuration panel to create a new security group.

Write a name of your choice for the new security group and add an explainatory description. Then click Save, and the security group will be created and selected for the current option.

For the Key Par Settings, it is recommended to create a new key pair. In order to do this, click on the Create a key pair in EC2. The browser will open a new tab displaying your Key pairs.

Click on Create Key Pair and write a name for the new key pair that is being created.

When created, a file will be automatically downloaded to your local computer. This file has PEM extension and will later be used to get your password to access the machine that will run Neural Designer.

After creating the key pair, return to the launch configuration page. Now you can select the key pair you just created in the Key Pair Settings. If it won't show, reload the page. Make sure the rest of the options are correct and click Launch.

In this page you can check the launch configuration details. To view this instance, click on the EC2 Console link to access your Instances.

Now you have your Neural Designer instance configured and ready to start using the software. Before running the machine, it is important that you get the password to access the machine. To do this, right-click on the instance and click Get Windows Password. The next panel will appear. Note that you may need to wait a few minutes.

You have to select the PEM file that was downloaded previously to your computer when you created the key pair. Click on Decrypt Password to get your password. A window with the information to access the machine will display. Make sure you copy the password.

Now you can connect to your machine with Neural Designer. To do this, in your Instances page, right-click on this instance and click Connect.

In this window you have the information needed to establish the connection to the AWS machine that will run Neural Designer. You may obtain the password for it from here if you didnt do so before, following the same procedure.

To use the machine you will need a remote desktop client. Tipically every operative system have one installed. Click on Download Remote Desktop File. Running the file you just downloaded, which is associated with the remote desktop client of your computer, will establish the connection with the AWS machine.

It will ask for your credentials, which are, for username 'Administrator', and for password the password you previously obtained. Wait while the machine starts and you will see a direct access to the Neural Designer software in the desktop.

Double click on it and start using Neural Designer!