What is Neural Designer?

Neural Designer is a software tool created to provide data scientists with results in a way previously unachievable.

How it works

The input to Neural Designer is a data set that contains information about a certain business process. The output is a model of that process.

Activity diagram of Neural Designer

This model can be used to predict future scenarios or to boost accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency.

The product highlights user experience, so that it makes neural networks usable by non-experts in machine learning.

What it does

Neural Designer will help you to discover relationships, recognize patterns, predict trends and find associations from data.

It uses neural networks, which is recognized as the most powerful technique for machine learning.

The fields of application are countless, but the software is specialized in predictive and prescriptive analytics, what is known as advanced analytics.

Who is it for

Our typical customers include analytics departments at innovative companies, big data consulting firms and research centers.

Innovative companies

Consulting firms

Research centers