Neural Designer Products

Neural Designer offers a variety of products and services to suit the different needs of data scientists.


Neural Designer Desktop

Neural Designer Desktop allows you to use the software on your computer whenever you need it, without aditional costs. All product upgrades are free.

The Desktop version is priced by the amount of data, the number of cores, the use of GPU and the type of technical support.

Data rows CPU cores GPU use Support Price
FREE 10,000 1 No Community $ 0 DOWNLOAD
SMALL 100,000 2 No Standard $ 995 BUY NOW
MEDIUM 1,000,000 4 Yes Enterprise $ 2,495 BUY NOW
LARGE Unlimited Unlimited Yes Premium $ 4,995 BUY NOW

License terms:

Support types:

Consult the Neural Designer Academic Program if you belong to a university or a research center.

Neural Designer Cloud

The Cloud version offers you all the functionality of Neural Designer. This service also allows you to choose the type of instance that you need for each project, so that you are not limited by the characteristics of your computer. You pay only for what you need, with no minimum commitments or upfront fees.

To offer this service, Neural Designer has partnered with the top cloud providers: Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Get Neural Designer in the AWS marketplace and pay only for what you consume.

Neural Designer version for Win64
Go to AWS

Microsoft Azure

Train and deploy neural networks in the Azure marketplace. Neural Designer is certified and optimized to run on Azure.

Neural Designer version for MacOS64
Go to Azure