Neural Designer is a data science and machine learning platform able to simulate and optimize the processes at your organization using the available data.

Activity diagram of Neural Designer 

It specializes in neural networks, which are the most potent technique for machine learning.


Besides, Neural Designer supports the whole modeling cycle, from data preparation to model production.

We have created the tool so that innovative companies and research centers focus on their applications rather than mathematical algorithms or programming techniques.

Innovative companies

Research centers

With Neural Designer, there is no need to write code or build block diagrams. Instead, the interface guides you through a sequence of well-defined steps.

Screenshot of Neural Designer Interface


The results are visualized in dashboards with many explanations, tables, and charts to facilitate their interpretation.

Visualize the results in tables, charts and graphs with Neural Designer


Neural Designer uses high-performance computing techniques, such as memory usage optimization, CPU parallelization, and GPU acceleration. Consequently, it can analyze bigger data sets in less time than its competitors.

The documentation includes many tutorials and worked examples. Moreover, our team provides training on the usage and specialized technical support to our customers.

With Neural Designer, you won’t be alone, as we will guide you closely through the use of our software. We will help you build professional Machine Learning models to cover your specific needs.

Contact us now if you want to know if Neural Designer fits your projects or if you need any assistance or to schedule a product demonstration.

In summary, Neural Designer empowers you to succeed with machine learning.