Achieve more knowledge from your data using Advanced Analytics

Neural Designer is a software tool for advanced analytics. Neural networks are the most powerful method to get actionable insights resulting in smarter decisions and better business outcomes.

Advanced analytics diagram; descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics.

High performance computing

From laptops to supercomputers, you can analyze your data with maximum performance. To do that, Neural Designer implements acceleration and parallelization techniques using OpenMP, CUDA and MPI.

Intended for Big Data projects

Easy to use

Neural Designer delivers advanced analytics quickly and easily. Obtain a great visualization of your results with many tables and charts, and use them in your favourite tools.

Great visualization of Big Data results

Use Cases of Neural Designer

Customer segmentation

By selecting the most likely buyers,
revenues can be significantly increased
while at the same time reducing costs.

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Electricity demand forecasting

Due to Advanced Analytics, we have been
able to predict tomorrow's electric demand
with highly successful results.

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Improving risk assessment

Using Advanced Analytics, the company
could increase its benefits by offering
each client the right insurance policy.

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What data scientists say

Quotation mark

Ravi Annaswamy
Senior Architect. PNC Financial Services. USA.

"The way they have clearly defined the workflow tasks and build them up is very creative and exciting. The task interface ui interface implementation visualization reporting in every aspect this is excellent. Almost like iPhone design this could be the design for machine learning product. Understanding complex tasks and parts and weaving them into a simple workflow that can allow for complex paths is not trivial and needs a great analysis and synthesis abilities.
Truly awesome product."

Miroslav Canak
Director, Echelon Purple (PTY) Ltd. South Africa.

"We have been using Neural Designer for employee engagement product development, employee segmentation and linkage between employee engagement and customer satisfaction/loyalty assessments. Neural Designer is very easy to use, has excellent user interface and sufficient number of learning algorithms for variety of applications. Automatically generated report provides useful and easy to read technical documentation which supports results.
Highly recommended!"

Luz Samaniego
TFS people. On assignment as Pfizer Statistician Coordinator. Spain.

"I have applied Neural Designer in the field of preventive medicine, for the predictive analysis of clinical trial data. The software allows us to generate our own models, with the advantage that we can adapt them to economic, epidemic and environmental changes. In short, Neural Designer is a dynamic tool, easy to use, powerful and very useful.
Recommended for all sectors."

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