Machine learning at your hands

neural designer screenshot

Perform advanced analytics on your data using neural networks,
without programming or building block diagrams.

Key Benefits

Advanced algorithms

You can use Neural Designer for discovering complex relationships, recognizing unknown patterns,
predicting actual trends or recognizing associations from data.

Easy to use

The user interface guides you through a sequence of steps, to operate the software intuitevely.
It also helps you to visualize and understand the results though many tables and charts.

High performance

Neural Designer manages data very efficiently, so that no project is limited by your computer.
It also uses CPU parallelization and GPU acceleration to reduce the analysis time.

Industries and Solutions

 Engineering & Manufacturing

Performance optimization using advanced analytics

Performance optimization

Track the behaviour of a system
and operate it at peak level.

 Banking & Insurance

Customer segmentation using advanced analytics

Customer segmentation

Identify who is interested
in your products and services.

 Health care


Early diagnosis

Identify diseases in early stages
for more successful treatments.

 Retail & Customer


Sales forecasting

Analyze market moving events
to predict your future sales.