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What is Neural Designer?

Neural Designer is a data science and machine learning platform that helps you build, train, and deploy neural network models. Some of the benefits of using Neural Designer are shown below.

Advanced algorithms

Neural Designer contains the most advanced techniques for data preparation, machine learning, and model deployment. Read more.

Easy to use

Thanks to its intuitive graphical user interface, there is no need to write code or assemble blocks. It provides you with comprehensive and visual results. Read more.

High performance

Neural Designer implements multicore processing to analyze larger amounts of data in less time. Read more.

Industries and Use Cases

Neural Designer has been successfully applied in numerous projects from different sectors. Some of the more common industries and use cases are depicted next.


Process optimization
Product quality improvement
Predictive maintenance


Medical diagnosis
Medical prognosis
Human activity recognition (HAR)


Sales forecasting
Customer churn prevention
Customer targeting


Customer targeting
Customer risk assessment
Customer churn prevention

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