The volume, variety, and speed of information stored in organizations are increasing significantly.

Consequently, machine learning is finding more and more applications in almost all sectors.

Some industries and solutions in which Neural Designer has been successfully applied are depicted next.

Process optimization

Track the behavior of a system and
operate it at a peak level.

Predictive maintenance

Predict when equipment failure might
occur and prevent that.

Human activity recognition (HAR)

Recognize the actions
that a person performs.

Medical diagnosis

Analyze clinical data to diagnose
diseases quickly and efficiently.

Sales forecasting

Predict future sales based on past data
using machine learning techniques.

Customer churn prevention

Identify customers likely to leave,
allowing companies to act on time.

Customer targeting

Identify who is interested
in your products and services.

Building virtual sensors

Model measures instead
of taking them physically.

Gas emissions reduction

Model gas emissions
and find out how to reduce them.

Fraud detection

Identify which payments are
fraudulent and prevent them.

Risk assessment

Evaluate risks by minimizing the impact
of unfortunate events, reducing costs.