Neural Designer implements the most innovative artificial intelligence techniques.
Some of the main algorithms it contains are listed below.

Application types

  • Approximation (or modeling) to discover intricate relationships.
  • Classification (or pattern recognition) to recognize complex patterns.
  • Forecasting (or time series prediction) to predict trends.

Data set

Neural network

Training strategy

Model selection

Testing  analysis

Model deployment


  • Exhaustive results in interactive report plenty of descriptions, tables, and figures.
  • Report exportable to Word and Pdf formats.
  • Results exportable in data format.


  • Simple user’s guide.
  • Extensive tutorials on the application of neural networks with Neural Designer.
  • Several step-by-step solved examples of machine learning applications in different fields.
  • Premium technical support by email, phone, or video chat.


  • Software developed with the high-performance programing language C++.
  • Code subjected to optimization techniques for memory management and processing speed.
  • CPU parallelization employing OpenMP.
  • GPU acceleration with CUDA, MKL and Eigen.

Supported platforms

  • Windows.
  • Mac OS X.
  • Linux (Debian and Ubuntu).

Cloud computing