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What is Neural Designer?

Product description that explains what Neural Designer is and why it’s worth using.

Neural networks tutorial

Learn the basic applications and concepts related to neural networks.

Understanding the main components of Neural Designer

Neural Designer comprises a window to edit the project settings, an artificial intelligence engine that runs tasks, and another window to view the results.

Build a neural network in 7 steps

In this article, we build, train, test, and deploy a neural network that approximates a function defined by a set of data points.

Machine learning examples

Explore real cases and learn how to build your neural networks.

Technical Features

This article presents and explains the list of technical features Neural Designer has to offer on your journey to data analytics using Machine Learning.

Use Neural Designer in Amazon Web Services

This tutorial will help you to initialize a virtual machine in Amazon Web Services with the Neural Designer software
installed and ready to use.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to the most-asked questions about Neural Designer.

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